Caregiver Stress Guilt

Living and working in South Florida, many friends, colleagues and clients have gone through or are going through the stress of taking care of elderly parents. While this process is inherently stressful, adult children of the elderly often give themselves a problem about their...

Emotional Perspective – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As I write this blog, it’s one hour before I will be attending a funeral of an 18 year old girl who was killed in a car crash. I knew this sweet angel for many years and at one time, was very close to her and her family. I cannot imagine the grief, pain and suffering they are...

Tennis Performance and Non-Verbal Behavior

What does your non-verbal say about you? How do facial expressions and gestures affect others around you? Research suggests that more of what we communicate happens through out body rather than our words. At a recent presentation I gave on “Mental Skills for Tennis”, participants...

Natural Stress Management

Natural Stress Management refers to engaging nature as a method to help reduce our stress.  I experienced Natural Stress Management personally when I visited friend’s once summer in  Wakefield, Mass., a working class town started with a hearty breakfast at the local diner....

Cognitive Therapy for Anger

Cognitive Therapy for Anger  is becoming an increasingly common reason for referrals in my clinical psychology practice. Anger problems effect our physical and mental health, emotional well being, relationships and virtually all areas of our life.A recent study reported in the...
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