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Reducing Anxiety in Sports

Reducing anxiety in sports is largely about managing expectations. In my work as a sport psychology consultant I work with a large number of high level junior tennis players. Almost all young athletes I work see have the goal of  playing with less anxiety. In many cases the...


Resiliency, the ability to come back when behind, is a key mental skill to have both in sports and in life. A recent NBC show highlighted the resiliency of pro golfer, Michael Allen, who for most of his life struggled to make a living as a pro golfer. Although he believed in...

Sports Psychology for Tennis

The applications of sports psychology for tennis and other individual sports is growing as awareness of the importance of mental and emotional skills and the availability of training in these areas is increasing. In applying sports psychology for tennis players I draw on my...

Cognitive Therapy for Sports

As a cognitive oriented psychologist, I have used cognitive therapy for sports improvement with athletes for many years. Athletes like the practical, here and now emphasis and that they are given specific mental and emotional skills to practice and incorporate into their sport....

Coping with Pressure

Coping with pressure is one of the most sought after abilities that individuals seek. The finals of the Wimbledontennis finals was a great example of how two top athletes successfully coped with pressure. Even though one lost and the other won, both men displayed an amazing...

Tennis Performance and Non-Verbal Behavior

What does your non-verbal say about you? How do facial expressions and gestures affect others around you? Research suggests that more of what we communicate happens through out body rather than our words. At a recent presentation I gave on “Mental Skills for Tennis”, participants...

Andre Agassi

Former tennis great Andre Agassi’s new autobiography, “Open” should more appropriately have been titled, “Closed”. Closed is how Andre was for most of his life. Although depressed, confused and conflicted for long periods of time, he apparently suffered silently.

Hypnosis for Tennis

In my work as a sport psychology consultant, I have been using hypnosis with athletes for many years. More recently, I have used it with some of the elite junior tennis clients I work with and have been very pleased with how well they have responded and how quickly the...

Agassi’s Bombshell

Andre Agassi’s recent confession that he used illegal drugs while on the professional tennis tour and then lied about it when questioned about it was a real bombshell as was his statement that he hated tennis for most of his life.This, from one of the greatest champions the sport...

Peak Performance Training

Peak Performance Training is designed to help individuals perform at their best whether it be in business, sport or the performing arts. As I listened to the commentators extolling the “mental toughness” of the latest young superstar at the US OPEN tennis championships, the 17...
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