Defeating Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is easy to acquire and once it becomes a habit, requires consistent effort to change. Defeating negative thinking requires you to first become aware of what your negative thoughts and when they occur. Next, you need to make a list of the negative thoughts. Then,...

Cognitive Therapy for Sports

As a cognitive oriented psychologist, I have used cognitive therapy for sports improvement with athletes for many years. Athletes like the practical, here and now emphasis and that they are given specific mental and emotional skills to practice and incorporate into their sport....

Cheating in Sports

Cheating in sports sadly occurs from time to time in virtually every sport and every level of competition. The drive to win at any price or cost stems from a lack of morals within a particular individual and a sports culture which places an over emphasis on winning above playing...

High School Minor Sports in Danger

With States looking to save money, a number of schools are looking to save money by cutting sports that don’t bring in big bucks. Tennis, wrestling, volleyball, swimming etc. are all example of sports that are “at risk”.
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