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Sports Psychology for Athletes

Sports Psychology for athletes has become increasingly popular over the past number of years as professional athletes increasingly attribute their success, comebacks and ability to overcome obstacles to their work with sports psychologists. In fact, there is a popular television...

Defeating Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is easy to acquire and once it becomes a habit, requires consistent effort to change. Defeating negative thinking requires you to first become aware of what your negative thoughts and when they occur. Next, you need to make a list of the negative thoughts. Then,...


Resiliency, the ability to come back when behind, is a key mental skill to have both in sports and in life. A recent NBC show highlighted the resiliency of pro golfer, Michael Allen, who for most of his life struggled to make a living as a pro golfer. Although he believed in...

Sports Psychology for Tennis

The applications of sports psychology for tennis and other individual sports is growing as awareness of the importance of mental and emotional skills and the availability of training in these areas is increasing. In applying sports psychology for tennis players I draw on my...

The C’s of Peak Performance

The C’s of Peak Performance refer to the words that start with the letter C that seem to be so important to individuals to perform at their best. As a psychologist, I have studied and worked with athletes, entertainers and business people for years to help them develop peak...

Mental Skills for Coaches

  Coaches need to lot of different kinds of skills to do a good job. Mental skills for coaches are among the most important, but rarely taught. Now, I am not suggesting that coaches should be junior psychologists, rather that they be exposed to useful information that they...

Olympic Gold: Is it worth it?

I wonder if the price of Olympic Gold is worth it. Children give up their childhood to train 5-8 hours a day for years for a chance to compete in an event that may last under a minute.
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