A Psychologist’s Approach to Hyperactivity

As a psychologist and former school psychologist, I have followed with interest the growing number of articles and studies that suggest the diagnosis of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder is being given too readily as is the tendency to put individuals, especially...

How to Handle a Bully

Would you like some ideas about how to handle a bully? Bullying is the threat of or actual physical assault of another person. Often it is pushing, shoving, grabbing, poking and sometimes punching and/or kicking. Bullies are often weak, insecure individuals who pick on perceiv...

Life Coaching for Midlife Crisis

A recent article in a local magazine talked about midlife crisis in men. As  a practitioner of cognitive therapy and a psychologist who has worked with many males going through changes in their life, I view it as a normal phase of life rather than evidence of deep seated problems...
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