Mental skills


Resiliency, the ability to come back when behind, is a key mental skill to have both in sports and in life. A recent NBC show highlighted the resiliency of pro golfer, Michael Allen, who for most of his life struggled to make a living as a pro golfer. Although he believed in...

Sports Psychology for Tennis

The applications of sports psychology for tennis and other individual sports is growing as awareness of the importance of mental and emotional skills and the availability of training in these areas is increasing. In applying sports psychology for tennis players I draw on my...

Cognitive Therapy for Sports

As a cognitive oriented psychologist, I have used cognitive therapy for sports improvement with athletes for many years. Athletes like the practical, here and now emphasis and that they are given specific mental and emotional skills to practice and incorporate into their sport....

The C’s of Peak Performance

The C’s of Peak Performance refer to the words that start with the letter C that seem to be so important to individuals to perform at their best. As a psychologist, I have studied and worked with athletes, entertainers and business people for years to help them develop peak...

Mental Skills for Coaches

  Coaches need to lot of different kinds of skills to do a good job. Mental skills for coaches are among the most important, but rarely taught. Now, I am not suggesting that coaches should be junior psychologists, rather that they be exposed to useful information that they...

The Mental Skills Report Card

The Mental skills report card is a self assessment of mental skills that individuals complete at the end of a game, match or important situation where they “should” have used one or more mental skills to help them perform to their potential. Mental coaches and cognitive...

The Role of Mental Skills in Cancer Treatment

A long time friend of mine is doing a good job at beating brain cancer and writing about his experience. In addition to traditional treatment, he has identified seven key to be especially important. Of the 7, two are very clearly self-help skills commonly taught in...

Hypnosis for Tennis

In my work as a sport psychology consultant, I have been using hypnosis with athletes for many years. More recently, I have used it with some of the elite junior tennis clients I work with and have been very pleased with how well they have responded and how quickly the...

Agassi’s Bombshell

Andre Agassi’s recent confession that he used illegal drugs while on the professional tennis tour and then lied about it when questioned about it was a real bombshell as was his statement that he hated tennis for most of his life.This, from one of the greatest champions the sport...
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