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Health Insurance For Mental Health

I am often asked questions by new and prospective clients about health insurance for mental health. First of all, if your health insurance is through and HMO you must be seen by the limited number of mental health professionals that are part of that network. If your insurance is...

Developing Responsibility

Developing Responsibility In today’s world there is a strong tendency to avoid responsibility, make excuses and blame everyone and everything for situations we don’t like or results we are not happy with: “It’s not my job.”  “It’s his fault.”  “If I only had more time.” “It’s...

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Humanistic Judaism

Rational Emotive Therapy and humanistic Judaism have a lot in common. Both were developed by dynamic leaders, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy by psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis and Humanistic Judaism by Rabbi Sherwin Wine. Having just returned from attending services on the...

Happiness and Well-being According to the recent PBS Special, “The Emotional Life”, the key to happiness and well-being are good relationships with family, friends and lover(s). Relationships seemed to trump, work, money and health. I found the portion on “attachment” or bonding...

Impact of Personal Crisis on Work and Performance

One day after catapulting from obscurity to international fame as the giant killer of the top women tennis players in the world at the US Open, young 17 year old Melodie Oudin has a bombshell dropped on her: her father is divorcing her mother for sleeping with Melody’s long time...
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