cognitive therapy

Marriage Counseling

Psychologists often work with couples in marriage counseling. As a psychologist who practices cognitive behavioral therapy, the approach I use is often direct and straightforward. I meet with the couple for an initial session. And then meet separately with each of the partners....

Counseling for Men’s Issues

As more and more men are seeking psychological treatment for a wide range of male related issues, there seems to be less male therapists around to work with them. Over the past 20 years or so many more females than males have entered the psychology and related professions. Just...

How to Deal with Bullying

How to deal with bullying is mostly about building your own self esteem so you care less about what other people may think, say and even do. If you feel good about yourself, your strength will be a deterrent towards bullies. Bullies seek out those who appear weak- physically,...

Counseling for Pain

Counseling for pain is especially useful for chronic pain. Whether due to accidents, injuries or diseases, pain can restrict our activities and lifestyle and sometimes lead to anxiety, depression, avoidance and loneliness. I use many psychological approaches in helping my clients...

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapse prevention strategies are designed to build healthy habits of thinking, speaking and behaving. Consider this statement regarding the power of words. “Be careful of what you think about. Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become habits,...

Cognitive Therapy for Weight

With obesity in the United States at epidemic proportions, cognitive therapy for weight loss, control and management has become an extremely important topic. Cognitive therapy for weight loss, like most areas of cognitive therapy, focus on what thoughts you have associated with...

Cognitive Therapy for Alcohol Treatment

Cognitive therapy for alcohol treatment has been used to help those with alcohol problems including alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a therapy approach very similar to cognitive behavior therapy assumes that individuals can learn to...

Cognitive Therapy for Headaches

Cognitive therapy for headaches is based on the idea that worry leads to muscle tension and muscle tension leads to pain. Most headaches have a psychological piece and in fact have been called “tension headaches.” New research reported in Lancet Neurology now suggests even...

Cognitive Therapy for Sports

As a cognitive oriented psychologist, I have used cognitive therapy for sports improvement with athletes for many years. Athletes like the practical, here and now emphasis and that they are given specific mental and emotional skills to practice and incorporate into their sport....

Cognitive Therapy for Getting a Job

Cognitive therapy for getting a job is based on my experience of working with many clients over the years that sabotage themselves with various negative thoughts and beliefs. For example, “I’m too old”. “I’m not good enough.” “I have tried to get another job in the past and was...
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