Sessions with Dr. Heller

Initial Consultation: 60-90 minutes $175

Brief Session 30 minutes $85.

Standard Session 45 minutes $150

Long Session 60 minutes $200

Extended Session 90 minutes $300

An Initial Consultation session is a significant part of the evaluation/assessment process  and includes a discussion of the presenting problems, review of relevant factors, current situation, history and background information and likely treatment options.

A “commitment” pre-paid package of 10 sessions receives a 10% discount.

Session Guidelines to help choose the length of session right for you:

Standard session is suitable for most individual clients.

Brief sessions are suitable for individuals who those who may want to “meet the therapist” in person, check out the office/atmosphere, share some additional details about what they are looking to get out of treatment or ask the Doctor some additional questions. Brief sessions can be suitable for those who have specific problems that at limited and not severe. These individuals are willing to do “homework: between sessions. Brief sessions are suitable as therapy progresses and clients are using the skills they have learned more independently. Brief sessions “may” be an option for certain clients who cannot afford the cost of a standard session.

Long Sessions are suitable for those clients who feel it is helpful to talk more, have multiple issues they like to focus on in each session or are coming in for “tune ups” and/or maintenance  sessions after having largely reached their goals in therapy and they have not been seen for 2 months or more.

Extended sessions are suitable for couples and families when seen together, for those wanting to “jump start” their progress and for those in need of more intensive therapy. It is also appropriate for those traveling long distances and are not able to come in as frequently.

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