West Palm Beach Anxiety Treatment

West Palm Beach Anxiety Treatment

A lot people are affected by anxiety disorders ranging from simple phobias to terrible bouts of panic during day to day activities. Sometimes the treatment for these anxieties is quite simple while other treatments may take more time or be slightly more intensive. Anxieties can affect many facets of our lives from social interactions to daily tasks. Treatment is the best option for those seeking an end to the torturous effects anxieties can have.

Symptoms of anxiety problems can include non-physical as well as physical varieties. Physical effects can include: tension, tight muscles, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, clenching or grinding your teeth, headaches, difficulty sleeping, rashes and skin conditions, stomach upsets, irritability and a host of other symptoms.  These symptoms can add up and cause damage. An experienced anxiety therapist in West Palm Beach can help you resolve these problems.

Medicines which claim to heal the effects of anxieties are merely hiding symptoms by filling the body with potentially harmful chemicals. Only mental counseling from an experienced West Palm Beach Anxiety Therapist can truly rid the mind of the true problem. You may or may not feel better and might or might not have unpleasant side effects as part of the price you pay for a “quick fix”.  It may also turn out that the medication by itself may not help or be enough. If you are feeling better, since you haven’t been helped to effectively deal with the source of you anxiety, you are now dependent on the drug. In most cases your anxiety was not caused by a chemical imbalance, but a life problem. Learning to cope with challenging people, times and situations is not a quick fix but a natural, healthier and more permanent solution.

In order to acquire desired long term results, a person being seriously affected by anxiety disorders should be treated with several wholesome and time-tested procedures to aid them in acquiring satisfactory results. These treatments include: cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, hypnosis, EMDR and yoga therapy.

Beyond the approach, the training and experience of the therapist goes a long way in determining a successful outcome.

In West Palm Beach, FL you can trust Dr. Robert Heller, a highly credentialed psychologist with many years of experience helping clients to overcome problems and improve the quality of their lives. In a comfortable atmosphere, he provides comprehensive and compassionate care to help you feel better now and develop skills to be better in the future. IF medication is needed he works with well-respected health providers to provide you with the proper type and amount of medication that is right for you.

Isn’t it time to take control over your worries and anxiety? Call Dr. Heller now at 561 451-2731 to schedule your initial consultation.

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