Delray Beach Depression

Delray Beach Depression

Not many people know just how dangerous clinical depression can be to a person’s life and to the lives of those around the affected person. The CDC named depression the most common mental disorder in America. As times get tougher, people have to cope with more and more and eventually all of life’s many stresses gets the better of us. Like other mental disorders, depression must be handled and treated by professional depression therapists. Together with a knowledgeable professional, you can conquer this problem.

Depression is a serious disorder. It travels well beyond the realm of sadness. Clinical depression is a profound sense of helplessness and hopelessness which can sometimes lead to suicide or self-injury.

Some tell-tale symptoms include difficulty sleeping and eating, feeling tired during more active times of the day, problems with concentration, attention and memory, withdrawing from others, and not enjoying the things you used to. When you are in a depressed mood, you tend to do less and dwell on things negatively which makes you feel worse. You tend to exaggerate the negative things in your life and not see or minimize the positive things.

Most depression is situational. You feel depressed about a negative life event like getting fired from your job or going through a divorce, losing a lot of money in the stock market, or getting in a car accident. Counseling can help individuals cope with these negative life events but most people’s mood improves with time as the life circumstance passes by. Some depression is more chronic and seems to be related to a person’s underlying belief system. People with chronic depression are more prone to attitudinal changes like pessimism, perfectionism or obsession.

Retaking the reign of your own mind can help the patient understand how to combat depression. Cognitive therapy is a natural anti-depressant that helps individuals understand how their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs affect their moods and provides tools to change the way they think and ultimately, how they feel.

With an experienced depression therapist in Delray Beach, patients will be able to turn a new leaf in their mental processes. Treatment will challenge the rudimentary and often negative thinking that depression brings and provide the opportunity to change these into more positive thinking. Clients are also given a variety of simple and easy exercises and strategies to being using in their lives from day one. Buy changing thoughts AND behaviors together, noticeable changes at the feelings level begin to emerge. Usually, within 20 sessions, clients can notice significant improvement in their symptoms and in the way they think, feel and behave.

In most cases of mild to moderate depression, these positive changes take place without the need of medication or clients at some point no longer need to be on medication. With severe chronic depression, medication and cognitive therapy seem to be the most effective combination.

Dr. Robert Heller is a recognized expert in cognitive therapy and can teach you principles and practices of cognitive therapy to help you rid yourself of depression and live a happier and more satisfying life.

If you are ready to build mental and emotional muscle to decrease depression and increase a sense of well-being, contact Dr. Heller now by calling 561 451-2731 for an initial consultation.

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