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Children, adolescents and parents can often benefit from counseling and therapy. Most parents have no training or education in understanding or raising kids other than their own upbringing. They have many more questions than answers and want to do the best they can to raise happy and healthy kids.

Problems can exist or develop in many areas and in many ways. Common problems center around issues of eating, sleeping, attention and concentration, anxiety, fears, phobias,  and depression, negative behaviors and habits, motivation, drugs, alcohol getting along with others, struggles with authority, poor grades, performing below potential and other school related issues, health problems, coping with disease, medical conditions and handicaps, communication, body image, self confidence, self esteem and much more.

In general, the younger the child, the more effective it often is for the psychologist  to work directly with the parents .Parents may need help in understanding, communicating, setting limits, using rewards and  punishments selectively and effectively and more. With adolescents, the emphasis often changes to working primarily the young adult. Sometimes problems a parent is having or strain between a couple can have a powerful impact on the children think, feel and behave. Depending on the issues, family counseling sessions can be useful and effective.

Most kids are involved in some kind of sports and this involvement can either aid or hinder their emotional well being. Young athletes have their own set of issues: worries about making a team, performance issues, fears of mistakes and poor play, trying too hard or not hard enough, being overly concerned about winning, caring too much about losing, worrying about letting others down, feeling pressure from a coach or parents to perform, coping with injuries, trying to balance their sport, school, social life and other responsibilities, making choices about who to hang with and who to avoid. The list of issues, decisions and pressures are long. Having an objective advocate who can listen, provide useful coping skills and aid in decision making can help smooth things out and prevent more serious problems down the road.

Dr.Robert Heller works with children, adolescents, families and adults. A certified school psychologist, he worked with children, parents and teachers for eight years in both public and private schools helping to improve behavior and performance in school and at home.

Dr. Heller has presented workshops to parents, teachers and coaches, written a number of self help guidebooks relating to teens, and has consulted with young athletes from many sports.

Whether your youngster is having some issues which may be holding him or her back or you are seeking performance enhancement training to give them, the “winning edge”, Dr. Heller can help. Call his office now at 561-451-2731 to set up and initial consultation.


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