Senior Services and Medicare

Senior Services and Medicare Psychologist


Dr.Robert Heller is a psychologist and Medicare Provider, experienced in working with Seniors and “Baby Boomers” and the challenges they face in this stage of their life.

Sometimes, the “Golden Years” seem anything but golden. Many who are retired find the adjustment extremely difficult. Their identity was closely linked to their career and they can’t find a sense of purpose any more.  For women, they may suffer the so called “empty nest syndrome” . With their children grown and out of the home, they have lost their purpose.

A common dilemma for many of today’s seniors is the financial necessity to work late into their golden years to make ends meet but the inability to find a job due to the economy or being unable to work due to failing health or reduced cognitive abilities.

Seniors have to deal with stressors and losses of all kinds ranging from caring for their aging parents, helping out their adult children, coping with the serious illnesses of friends and loved ones and dealing with their own declining health and sense of mortality.

The pressures and problems of aging can aggravate pre-existing problems within marriages, leading to further disharmony and an increase in divorces.

Illness, accidents and disease can lead to pain and the necessity of taking expensive medications with nasty side effects.

Chronic pain can lead to anxiety, depression and an over reliance on alcohol and prescription problems.

Fortunately, help is available. Dr. Heller provides compassionate expert care to help boomers and seniors. Whether  teaching couples to save their marriage, learning to elevate their mood naturally, or getting assistance in reducing chronic pain, this Boca Raton based psychologist is committed to helping his clients not only “feel” better but “get “ better. Unlike other therapies that are largely “supportive”, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is active and provides skills for clients to learn, practice and incorporate in their daily lives. Call Dr. Heller now at 561 451-2731 to set up an initial consultation to see how he can help.

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