Rational Emotive Therapy for Marital Problems

The Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy approach for “marriage problems” includes an assessment of each of the partners as well as the relationship. I meet with the couple together and then separately with each partner privately. Depending on the presenting problems, specific questionnaires are administered and reviewed. When I work with a couple, I do not work individually with each person in therapy. If there are substantial individual problems found in either partner, that partner if a referred to a separate therapist and I work with the couple. Sometimes, I may work with the more troubled individual and hold off couples therapy until the individual problems are relieved.

In Rational Emotive Behavioral Marital Therapy, negative beliefs are flushed out, discussed and targeted for change. All or nothing thinking, overgeneralizations and other common cognitive distortions lead to poor communication, anger, resentment and frustration. REBT paves the way to learn effective communication skills, negotiation skills and problem solving, improving the satisfaction and stability of a great many marriages.

As a cognitive therapist, marital counseling is approached in a practical and direct way. Assignments are given to couples to work on between sessions and reviewed at the next meeting.

My office in Boca Raton is warm and comfortable and provides couples a safe place to discuss difficult personal issues.

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