Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Loss

As with most problems, “Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy” for weight loss focus on first identifying the non-productive thoughts and beliefs that give rise to excess and overeating and attitudes that interfere with pursuing an active lifestyle needed to lose and maintain a healthy weight and fit body.

Cognitive therapy help clients dispute self-defeating thoughts such as “losing weight is too difficult”, “ I should be able to eat whatever I want”, “I will start my diet after the holidays”, etc. Rational Emotive Therapy helps individuals recognize how they often use food to manage emotions. For example some people may eat when they are depressed, stressed or angry. Eating is an attempt to relax and cope with these uncomfortable emotions.  Others use food to reward themselves or are overly self-indulgent. Let’s face it: many foods taste good and if we only focus on satisfying our immediate and short term pleasure, we will quickly put on lots of weight. REBT teaches us to focus on our “long term” well being and how to delay short term gratification.

Behavioral therapy teaches individuals how to set and maintain goals, control  portions, and learn other means to manage their emotions.

By mixing the best of these contemporary therapeutic approach individuals can experience success, lose weight, become fit, and develop an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Many clients find  my self-help guidebook, “Weight Management”, a useful and effective supplement to losing weight and preventing relapses.

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