Hypnosis Treatment for IBS

Stress affects the body in various ways. “Gut” related problems such as IBS are common reactions to stress. The nausea, bloating, constipation and diarrhea result in visits to the family doctor and gastroenterologist to rule out medical causes. Most often, no medical causes are found. Most doctors give medications. That is what they know and that is what they do. Some, who are more informed recognize the stress– gut connection and refer to psychologists and other mental health professionals who can help by teaching stress management tools and providing counseling and therapy to get to the roots of the distress and relieve it.

Hypnosis has been an effective tool to both assess and treat IBS. Dr. Palsson, has developed an 8 session treatment protocol that reportedly has an 80% success rate. I am certified in hypnosis and have used this protocol with clients directly as well as adapted it to individual client needs. Relaxation is a core element of the suggestions along with images designed to quiet the belly. Over a period of 2 months, most clients report significant improvements. Dietary and lifestyle changes are often incorporated into the treatment. An important part of the treatment is the self-hypnosis clients practice between the bi-weekly visits. 

Since there are no negative side effects and treatment is relatively short term, almost anyone suffering with IBS and/or stomach related problems should consider hypnosis treatment once medical causes have been ruled out

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