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Dr. Robert Heller – Phone Counseling Services

Some clients find teli-counseling an effective and convenient way to receive help. Whether you are traveling or live far away, it is easy to arrange a call from your home or business, car or hotel and receive personal and confidential guidance at times that are convenient for you. Saving travel time and being anonymous are other advantages teli-clients enjoy.

PHONE COUNSELING can be a useful adjunct to face to face meetings when unable to come in due to travel, illness or other unforeseen circumstances. .

PHONE COUNSELING can help in providing an independent assessment of your situation and assist in making referrals if needed.

PHONE COUNSELING can provide answers to less complex issues from the privacy of your home or cell phone.

PHONE COUNSELING can provide the highest level of privacy and confidentiality.

PHONE COUNSELING can be less expensive than face to face counseling.

PHONE COUNSELING can often occur at earlier or later hours than is usually available at an office location.

PHONE COUNSELING can save time but cutting out excessive travel.

HOW DOES PHONE COUNSELING WORK? Simply call me (561) 451-2731. If I am not available, just leave a brief message and phone number . Tell me what part of the country you are calling from (East, Central, Pacific) and a good time to reach you. I will call you back and either speak with you then or set up a day and time that works best for you.

 Phone Counseling РBoca Raton Psychologist Dr. Robert Heller

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