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September 2012

Quote of the Month

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength”- A.J. Cronin

Worry is a vicious cycle; the more you worry the more anxious you feel. The more anxious you feel, the more you worry. Most of the things we worry about never come to pass. Channel your worry to action or acceptance to break the cycle.

Yoga Injuries

A major recent article in the New York Times on the topic of yoga injuries lead to a major assessment and rebuttal by the yoga community which found the article to be exaggerated, and largely inaccurate.  One interesting statistic was that the number of visits to emergency rooms was ten times more for golf injuries that for yoga injuries. The majority of injuries that do occur are muscular strains and rarely severe or permanent. Many of these injuries occur in people that have pre-existing conditions. For example, I have had chronic back problems, and before my yoga teacher got to know my body, I re-injured my back doing a seated forward bend- a high risk pose for someone with back problems unless done precisely and with care. Some injuries are precipitated by highly competitive individuals who push themselves too far or move into poses before their strength and flexibility are properly developed. Certain types of yoga are much more vigorous versus other styles and classes which are gentler. As in other sports, the skill of the yoga teacher and her/his ability to guide and instruct the student is another key factor. In large classes you are less likely to get much individual attention and may be more on your own.

Additional recommendations for safely participating in yoga is to take some private sessions first, start out in a beginner’s class and if you have any medical conditions, work with a yoga THERAPIST first before going into general yoga classes.

The Breaking of a Champion

After years of speculation, accusations and investigations, Lance Armstrong, possibly the greatest endurance bicyclist of all time was stripped of all 7 of his Olympic gold medals on the grounds that he took illegal drugs to enhance his performance. Not the first professional athlete and probably not the last, the desire to win and/or to be the best can blind even the most dedicated athlete’s to crossing the line in seeking a winning edge.

What price to pay: his accomplishments diminished, his reputation tarnished and his legacy destroyed. Whether he rationalized what he “allegedly” did was OK or he thought he would never be caught, cheaters usually lose in the end.

Hopefully, young athletes will not use this tragedy to conclude that “all great champions cheat so I should too” and instead come to see that competing fairly is the essence of sports and competition and that cheating of any kind should never be a consideration, even if one could get away with it.

Recent and Upcoming Events

I recently appeared on the “Dr .Joe” show, a Boca Raton, internet program featuring local mental health professionals. I spoke about my experience working with athletes and the role of mental and emotional skills training in helping individuals perform at their best. To view the program, go to http://youtu.be/wNJMKaYHW1s .

“Fit Tennis,” a publication for those working in the health, fitness and tennis industry came out with my newest article on “How to Build Confidence.”

On October 20th, I will be presenting a two hour workshop in Delray Beach, Florida on “Blending Yoga with Western Psychology for Improving Athletic Performance. Registration is on line at www.yogasol.com.

You are invited to forward motivational and inspirational ideas and sayings to me for my upcoming book, “Winning Ways” which will provide daily quotes and behavioral recommendations for better living throughout the year.


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