Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling for Adults, Couples, Families, Adolescents & Children

Anxiety, Anger, Addictions, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Sleep, Weight, Marital and Relationships, Stress-Related Health and Medical problems, School and Work Issues, Fears, Phobias, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Sexual Difficulties, Pain management, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Mental Health Counseling for: PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAINING

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal setting
  • Concentration/Distractibility
  • Motivation
  • Managing mistakes
  • Coping with loss/injuries
  • Communication/player coach relationships
  • Pre-game rituals
  • Developing a positive mental image
  • Effective self-talk
  • Building emotional muscle
  • Time and stress management skills
  • Balancing personal and professional demands
  • Preventing burnout
  • Career changes and transitions

Mental Health Couseling through: TELEPHONE COACHING

  • Short-term, focused problem solving consulting
  • Second opinions
  • Brief evaluation and referrals

Mental Health Counseling through:-VIDEO SESSIONS


  • Available through SKYPE


Timely advice and answers for uncomplicated problems and issues.

Customized educational and clinical programs on a variety of topics designed to inform, educate and train.


1. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): A specialized type of mental health counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with rape, violent crime, combat stress, accidents and natural disasters.

2. Hypnosis: A safe and sometimes rapid method of mental health counseling to change and improve habits, attitudes and behaviors. Combines deep relaxation with guided suggestions and imagery. Hypnosis can be used as a separate approach or in conjunction with other treatment strategies.

3. Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: A mental health counseling approach based on the approaches developed by Dr. Albert Ellis (REBT) and Dr. Aaron Beck (CBT), this powerful methodology helps individuals recognize and change thoughts, attitudes and beliefs to improve mood and behavior.

Client Comments¬†on Dr. Heller’s mental health counseling

Mental Health Counseling – Dr. Robert Heller Boca Raton Psychologist

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