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EMDR and PTSD: “Individual or group cognitive therapy (CBT) with a trauma focus, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), or stress management should be considered for adults and children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”  – World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines Review Committee, Geneva, Switzerland.

Client Comments

Pocket Coach Series:

TEENS and SUICIDE: What you should know  – Dr. Heller has written, quite literally, a survival guide for young people struggling with suicidal thoughts and behavior. While the clever drawings and intriguing layout will appeal to teenagers in particular, the book is also an excellent resource and educational guide for any and all adults who live and work with adolescents. This little book covers a range of challenges from alcohol and drugs, to body image, to teasing and bullying, and much more. Each section offers explanations of a particular challenge or condition, along with clear information about how to “deal” with the struggle. There is a “Reasons for Living Checklist”, along with very clear directives for those who are trying to help the teen. An impressive list of resources is displayed at the end of this book which should eb required reading for teens and all who love them. Joan T. Magill, Psy.D.

DEPRESSION – Dr. Heller has written another of his very helpful books – this time to help people struggling with depression. This Quick Series small book offers clear, concise information which describes the many types of depression and what one can do to help recover from the stressful and often serious symptoms of these mental disorders. The book is laid out with clear headings and handy reference tabs so that it makes an excellent resource to carry along on a day to day basis. I often make a copy available to my patients after they have begun to work in psychotherapy treatment both because a depressed person can become overwhelmed and often forget what is being learned; and because this little book can be a constant reminder that there is hope and the possibility of moving forward to more positive living. Joan T. Magill, Psy.D.

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY PRESENTATION: I just wanted to thank you personally for your wonderful presentation, “Sports Psychology: Helping Athletes Cope.” The feedback from the attendees was uniformly positive. It was clear from the workshop evaluations forms that the attendees thought Dr. Heller was an excellent speaker and enjoyed the presentation. A.F., Ph.D., Palm Beach Chapter, Florida Psychological Association

What colleagues say:

“….I continue to refer clients to Dr. Heller  because of his extraordinary adherence to and competence in cognitive-behavioral therapies. His past training, extensive clinical experience, and deep compassion for people make him one of the top practicing CBT psychologists in the nation. To advance his skills, Dr. Heller is certified in EMDR, an evidence-based treatment for trauma…Dr. Barry Gregory EdD, Med, LHMC, NCC”.

What clients say:

..Just wanted to let you know you had a huge and positive impact on me. I will be seven years sober as of March 15th.”

“Dr. Heller was very understanding and non-judgmental. He also had a number of practical solutions for addressing various issues. I really liked the way Dr. Heller was able to provide step-by-step instructions on how to change my thinking.”

“We are so thankful for your tremendous help for our son. His behaviors on the court have improved significantly, and he has been playing better with a more focused attitude.”

“The work with you was invaluable and probably, literally, a life saver. I was in a very bad way and that…kindness…had a power all its own.”

” I saw you for a year regarding incest and panic attacks. I still use the self-hypnosis technique for the panic attacks. It still works like magic. The technique has changed my life. Thank-you again.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support through some very difficult times in my life and my families. You are a very talented therapist.”

“I had the best experience with you as my Hypnosis therapist. I met all my goals. If I ever need hypnosis again, I would call you immediately. I will also refer you to any of my friends in need of hypnosis.”

“Working with Dr. Heller, I was finally able to let go of the past. Thank-you for giving me a new and improved life!”

“My growth experience through counseling was tremendous. I gained the skills necessary to identify and challenge my cognitive distortions and learned effective ways of coping with some very difficult circumstances.”

“I needed an approach which was non-judgemental and nurturing, yet therapist guided and provided coping skills and specific strategies to help deal with my anxiety and depression. Thank you Dr. Heller. You rock! I’m not 100% there, but I am equipped with skills to get me where I want to be.”

“The advice on how to handle breaking up with my girlfriend was very helpful.”

“You helped my identify lifestyle stresses and develop strategies to deal with them on a day to day basis.”

“The counseling made me have a lot less stress and I became more relaxed in testing situations. I felt great during the SAT’s. Thank you!”

“Dr.Heller helped my to become “loose as a goose” in competition.”

“The explanations of what I needed to do and how to get it done were most helpful. You helped me a great deal. Since I left therapy I am more in control and think more about the consequences of my actions.”

“You were open to the use of many different techniques…always willing to suggest several solutions and to ask me which I liked best.”

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your skills and efforts. My enthusiasm for cognitive-behavioral work continues because of your intervention.”

“Dr.Heller was perfect for me. He is action oriented, forces you to see your senseless feelings and is a great listener.”

“I’m more assertive at work, more confident in meeting new people and rarely lonely.”

“Dr. Heller was helpful in zeroing on issues with suggestions. He maintained a directive role but listened to my needs. I liked his sense of humor and his use of examples of others to which I related to.”

“Helped me change my way of thinking “outside” of the therapy sessions.”

“The counseling was fast and very effective in making my life happier.”

“On the whole, I’m doing great. The depression has lifted considerably. Listening to your voice on the tapes has been a great help.”

“I found Dr.Heller very easy to talk to and the tapes very useful.”

“The thought stopping and sensate focus both worked. You were able to make me feel very comfortable. ..You seemed to ask the right questions.”

“The relaxation techniques and talking out my problems were very helpful. You seemed to direct me in the right directions quickly with knowledge, compassion and understanding.”

“I liked the methodology for handling my problems. Dr.Heller kept me focused both in the sessions and when I was alone, by giving me exercises to do outside the session.”

“I really thank you for helping me learn to like myself and become more confident about relationships.”

“You have given me some excellent ideas on changing my thoughts which I’ll really try to use.”

“Therapy has helped me better communicate with my boss, our relationship has improved and my job appraisal was better.”

“Your “performance anxiety” course was a great help. I have just given my final oral presentation and was able to complete it with little anxiety.”

“It was helpful developing positive concepts and attitudes. Dr. Heller is a strong, positive and humorous person.”

“I have learned to accept myself and others. I can’t believe the change in myself.”

“The practical, realistic and truthful feedback and advice was most helpful.”

“I find myself in situations which formerly would have “freaked me out” and I attribute my new found ease in large part to working with you.”

“I’m more confident and relaxed in handling my problems and more effective in dealing with people.”

“You have been a very big help to me. I honestly believe you enjoy helping people and you do it very well.”

“I think Dr. Heller is extremely patient and creative and would highly recommend him to others.”

“I was totally stressed out about public speaking… I managed to control the panic through your relaxation tapes and words of wisdom. I got absolute raves on my presentation.”

“A rational way of looking at things changed my life.”

“Many thanks for all your help. You have been the only person to help ____ help himself.”

“Hypnosis and your advice were of great benefit in modifying my eating habits as well as my attitudes. Thank you so much for your support.”

“I was able to explore areas about myself I had in the past ignored. I am learning to think positive and boost my self-esteem.”

“I obtained useful information and techniques to help me maintain abstinance.”

“The hypnosis was wonderfully relaxing.”

“Your feedback and advice was extremely helpful in getting me to a point where I can implement many of the things I learned by working with you.”

“Helped a great deal with issues of anger and resentment.”

“I’m doing well losing weight and relaxing more. Thank you.”

“The drinking activities of old have not returned… I am happy with the way things are going and thank you for your part in getting them there.”

“My phobia has diminished to the point where it is no longer a restriction on most social activities. Since my treatment I have not felt fear as I once did at the prospect of stepping into a crowded bus, going to a dance or seeing a film in a theatre. My life is greatly improved. My sincere thanks for your help.”

“I’m getting along very well, building up my self-esteem tremendously and getting rid of the gloomy, self-defeating patterns of thinking I was indulging in. Thanks for giving me the tools to make my life much happier.”

“I think of you often and wish you could see the progress we have made.”

“Thanks for your help in letting me find the person that’s always been there hiding behind the sadness and chaos. I believe you were instrumental in putting things in perspective and I will always remember that.”

“I found this type of therapy to be much more beneficial than any other I have tried. I learned not to fight my panic attacks and to go with them That has really helped.”

“The thing I found most helpful about you was the direct way of communicating that I felt helped us get to the core of the issues we were discussing. It cut through a lot of bullshit and helped me to be able to express my feelings… I was very impressed with the way you knew how to refocus on certain issues and problem areas. It also seemed like you knew exactly when to do it.”

“Our work has helped me in many ways… Conflicts are now resolved through listening and talking rather than yelling and screaming… It keeps me calm and rational.”

Workshop Comments:

Happier and Healthier Living Workshop:

“Loved ‘business card thoughts’ ”

“Very up-to-date.”

“Dr. Heller is soothing, calming and pleasant.”

“Very beneficial.”

“Excellent suggestions”

“Loved tai-chi exercises”

What People are Saying About Dr. Heller’s Peak Performance Tennis Workshops and Clinics:

“Dr. Robert Heller’s ‘Mental Fitness for Tennis’ workshop offers up advise for players in just the right dosage.”
Rick Adelman, The Sun Sentinel

“Bob Heller knows more about ‘being in the zone’ than most people. As a tennis player, he has been there a few times himself. As a USPTA professional, he has helped lead his students there.”
Cynthia Thuma, Boca Raton News.

“Your indoor presentation was brilliant. The players are still talking and practicing their Tai Chi exercises and working on their 25 second cures.”
Scott Williams, Director of Tennis, Weston Field Club, CN; author of “Serious Tennis.”

“The on-court part really drives home the points that were made in the classroom and the knowledge becomes deeply ingrained.”
C. Burton, Sunrise, FL

“Rubberband tennis helped me learn how much I really used negativeself-talk. ‘After the point’ was awesome.”
Cari M., Ft Lauderdale, FL

TENNISMIND Testimonials:

“Dr. Heller’s Mental Skills for Tennis addresses the role the subconscious plays in successful match play. His approach is practical, thoughtful and highly professional. He provides a clear pathway for removing subconscious barriers that derail so many tennis players.”
Dr. Jim Loehr, World-renowned sports psychologist.

“I have known about the power of the subconscious mind but I didn’t tape into it consistently until I started using Dr. Robert Heller’s TennisMind software. The 7-minute mental training sessions are easy to do and produce results. I used the Developing Unwavering Confidence session for 2 weeks and have noticed a big difference in my confidence before and during matches. My tennis game is getting better and better.”
Frank D. Iowa City, IA

“In the short time since I purchased the TennisMind Software I have experienced almost magical results on the tennis court through applied visualization-and I am only beginning to use the product. In addition I have been very positively impressed by Dr. Heller’s additional email instructions.”
William Beck

“I am a college tennis coach as well as a psychologist. I not only have interacted with the program itself but I have had some of my players listen to relevant sections. We found the material to be soothing, solid and helpful.”
Terry Darling

“The reason I bought TennisMind is simple. I play two racket sports being Tennis and Squash. I practice well for both and have good technical skills in both sports. However, I struggle when playing big competition points, we all do it, hit soft shots when we should have confidence and go for the shot we hit a million times in practice. I have been using TennisMind now for a couple of weeks and can feel an improvement in my mental approach to major points.”
Bruce McEachen Christchurch, New Zealand

“I am a clinical psychologist so was interested in your psychological or subconscious method of improving my tennis, which certainly needed improving. I also gave up smoking many years ago through a very similar method so thought I should have a go. I was deep into our club’s championships and an interclub women’s double league when the cds arrived. I immediately started playing them and was pleasantly surprised to see my tennis improving. I began to win more convincingly and to enjoy the feeling of mastery. The skeptical side of my mind kicks in here, and I have to wonder. Was the improvement just due to getting a lot of practice? I suspect it was the TennisMind cds and the practice. In any event, I am really interested in continuing to use them. They are pleasant and relaxing to listen to, and certainly not a chore. I am looking forward to seeing if I continue to improve, and how far I can go.”
Carol Mathews

“As a sports psychologist who works with tennis players on the pro tour all the way down to the junior, college and recreational ranks, I know Bob Heller as a friend and colleague, and believe his Mental Game software can help lots of people when combined with a solid program of tennis coaching, strength training and mental training!”
Dr. John Murray, Sports Performance Psychologist

Dr. Heller, I finally won a big one, a Super Senior Zonal. I defeated the No.1 seed and one of the top players in the nation. I owe my success to the CD’s, especially the last session, “maintaining concentration and focus.” I was relaxed and focused throughout the match. Thanks for helping me reach this level.”
M.F. Texas

“Dr. Heller’s mental toughness program has proven techniques that is up to date with modern technology. Listening and watching the cd program reminded me of how much we can help kids become better competitors by controlling their mind.”
Andy Gladstone, Director of Competitive Tennis, USA Tennis, Florida

Dr. Robert Heller – Boca Raton Psychologist

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