Participation Awards in Sports

We all like recognition, attention and approval. When young children participate in recreational sports at the beginner level, it is about fun , physical activity ,basic skill development, interacting with others, listening, following directions and developing interests in areas...

Dr. Robert Heller’s Mind-Body Newsletter – April 2014

Dr. Robert Heller’s Mind Body Newsletter  “Strategies for Improved Performance in Sports and in Life”  April, 2014 Athleticism, Talent and Mental Toughness Win at the SONY Tennis Tournament No surprises this year: Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and the Bryan brothers; all...

Hypnosis and Performance

Hypnosis has been a useful tool for improving performance. Over the past 35 years, I have had the opportunity to work with performing artists, athletes, business persons and students who were looking to either enhance their performance or reduce anxiety, worry and fear associated...

Guidelines for Being a Sports Parent

Being a parent is a difficult that is at best gut instinct and trial and error learning. Being a sports parent just raises the bar that much more. The role of the sports parent depends on many factors including the nature of the sport,  age and temperament of the child,...

Reasons for Seeing a Psychologist

There are a great many reasons why people seek out the help of a psychologist. As a practicing psychologist for almost 40 years now, I have been consulted for many of them. The most common reasons people seek out a psychologist is that they are having problems and either want to...

The Psychologist’s Role in Sports

Over the past 20 years, the psychologist’s role in sports has been increasing significantly and much more publicly. Recently, Wimbled,on tennis champion Andy Murray publicly acknowledged the help he received from working with a psychologist. His coach, a former world champion as...

Sports Psychology for Parents

Sports psychology for parents is an important component for helping kids perform at their best. I often get questions from parents of young athletes wanting to know how they can positively contribute to their child’s athletic development and if they are doing anything that might...

Sports Psychology for Athletes

Sports Psychology for athletes has become increasingly popular over the past number of years as professional athletes increasingly attribute their success, comebacks and ability to overcome obstacles to their work with sports psychologists. In fact, there is a popular television...

Reducing Anxiety in Sports

Reducing anxiety in sports is largely about managing expectations. In my work as a sport psychology consultant I work with a large number of high level junior tennis players. Almost all young athletes I work see have the goal of  playing with less anxiety. In many cases the...

Defeating Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is easy to acquire and once it becomes a habit, requires consistent effort to change. Defeating negative thinking requires you to first become aware of what your negative thoughts and when they occur. Next, you need to make a list of the negative thoughts. Then,...
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