Relationship Counseling

Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy is a service that is growing in demand, sadly due to the large numbers of unhappy and/or dysfunctional marriages. There is an arbitrary distinction sometimes made between marriage counseling and marriage therapy. Counseling usually refers to less serious cases...

Anger Management for Men

In my psychotherapy practice I often see men who are referred to me by their wives or by therapists who are seeing couples and feel the “male” is in need of anger management. Sometimes, the male is in complete agreement and at other times, they are reluctant participants. Using a...

Cognitive Therapy for Marriage Problems

Cognitive therapy for marriage problems and related therapies like Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, focus on how each partner’s thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations impact their respective moods and behaviors towards each other. In cognitive therapy for marriage...

Healthy Relationships

Having healthy relationships may be a key component to living a longer and happier life. Many studies identify strong, healthy relationships with family and friends as a key factor in one’s own health and well being. As I start the second week of my “vacation” ,...
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