Dr. Robert Heller’s Mind Body Newsletter – December 2013

Dr. Robert Heller’s Mind-Body Newsletter  “Strategies for Mental and Physical Well Being”  December 2013 “Quote of the Month” If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. Learning gives life meaning. Challenge yourself...

Psychologist Finds Effective Treatment for Alcohol and PTSD

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by well- known psychologist and researcher Dr. Edna Foa, found that those treated with prolonged exposure therapy and medication did the best in lowering percentage of drinking days and cravings when compared to...

Hypnosis for Smoking

Most people already know the risks and dangers of cigarette smoking, how bad it is for you and that they “should” quit. Those individuals who continue smoking have likely developed a strong negative habit, an automatic response to a host of triggers that maintain their smoking...

Relapse Prevention for Substance Abuse

Author: Dr. Robert Heller Relapse prevention for substance abuse is among the most challenging issues facing those in recovery. Clients often benefit by focusing both on the underlying causes that lead to the substance abuse as well as the current and possible future triggers...

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is on the rise. Florida is one of the States looking to increase revenues so they are authorizing the establishing of casinos, lotteries and other ways to part people from their money. Unfortunately, many lose their money and a percentage develop a gambling...

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapse prevention strategies are designed to build healthy habits of thinking, speaking and behaving. Consider this statement regarding the power of words. “Be careful of what you think about. Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become habits,...

Quit Smoking Without Drugs

Cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT) and hypnosis are natural and safe treatments for quitting smoking. While not always effective for everyone, because of their safety and efficacy, they should be considered the first options when seeking help to quit smoking. Because I am a...

Cognitive Therapy for Substance Abuse

Cognitive Therapy for Substance abuse and RATIONAL EMOTIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (REBT) have a long history of helping individuals overcome addictions and substance abuse problems. In fact it was Jack Trimpy, the founder of Rational Recovery, (the first alternative substance abuse...
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