October 9, 2012

Reducing Anxiety in Sports

Reducing anxiety in sports is largely about managing expectations. In my work as a sport psychology consultant I work with a large number of high level junior tennis players. Almost all young athletes I work see have the goal of  playing with less anxiety. In many cases the...

How to Deal with Bullying

How to deal with bullying is mostly about building your own self esteem so you care less about what other people may think, say and even do. If you feel good about yourself, your strength will be a deterrent towards bullies. Bullies seek out those who appear weak- physically,...

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is on the rise. Florida is one of the States looking to increase revenues so they are authorizing the establishing of casinos, lotteries and other ways to part people from their money. Unfortunately, many lose their money and a percentage develop a gambling...

Yoga and Psychotherapy

Yoga and psychotherapy are widely practiced methods designed to improve physical and mental health. Psychotherapy, particularly cognitive behavior therapy continues to grow in acceptance and in its clinical applications. Yoga practices including postures, breathing, meditation...
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